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Meena Rajendran

Cyber Security Professional

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About Me

I, Me, Myself

A cyber security professional. I am the cool cyber-cop for policing and hunting for threats. I love to read, write, listen to music and dance; oh, the usual hobbies.


Another passion that I wish could be my job as well is all things science and astronomy. You can read all about it and my love for the universe (literally) in my blog “Life Space and The Lot”. I occasionally click pictures which you can find on this page named "HallyClicks" 

That’s about my profession and hobby. To pen something about my personality, I am very upfront and possess a “don’t-give up” attitude. A bit of a neat freak and I would like things to be in a certain and my way.

Oh, one more thing, DC Universe rocks!


My E-Network

Life Space and the Lot

Its "My Space" about space from my point of view. Simple. Easy. Straightforward. 

Oracle Writes

Ignorance is bliss but not at the cost of your privacy. Cyber Security. Read it. Stay safe. 

Halley Clicks

Experience a picture that comes to life. Born out of passion, here to enjoy seeing people appreciating that skill. 

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